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In addition, any advice given or taken doesn’t come with a guarantee. There are multiple known and unknown factors that come into play and also, everyone’s body reacts differently and will have different results.

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Emails: If you happen to contact me through email, I will do my best to respond to your question or concern. My email responses are based on me taking a quick look, which does not include or involve a thorough review and analysis of your health conditions and factors that I would consider when working with you as a traditional paying client or patient. That said, my advice and opinion is taken into account at your own risk. For a proper analysis, hire a doctor or other licensed professional.

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If you would like to become an actual patient, that is an available option, if I happen to have openings at the time of your request. And if not, I will certainly refer you to a qualified colleague.

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Therefore, by visiting this site, you’re essentially signing a contract that says that you understand that I am not treating you as a patient, I make no guarantees, I’m not practicing medicine, I may benefit financially is you make a purchase and your information won’t go anywhere unnecessary.

Updated: December 2014